ALL HANDS ON DECK! Hedcor’s team members remain proactive in taking part in Hedcor’s environmental campaigns

Back to our roots: 3 million trees star Hedcor’s greening efforts

Hedcor commemorates a milestone that resounded the organization’s love for the environment---the feat of planting more than three million trees since early 2000.

On average, three million trees can cover a hundred times the size of Philippine Arena’s entire lot area in Bulacan.

Starting small, the organization began its tree planting initiatives by partnering with government agencies. As a renewable energy company, Hedcor’s workforce knew that it should be more aggressive in its campaign for reforestation. Moreover, its operations rely on water availability which is heavily influenced by the presence of trees. 

From this realization, Hedcor began to hold its own regular tree planting activities of bigger scale. Today, As the organization and its manpower grew, Hedcor has tripled its efforts in rehabilitating forests and watershed areas. In fact, Hedcor’s efforts alone fulfilled 33% of Aboitiz group’s goal of planting nine million trees by 2020.

Hedcor’s tree planting activities are planned efficiently to sustain and maximize their impact. According to Environmental Management Officer Junessa Guimalan, Hedcor partners with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to help identify reforestation sites, as well as catchment areas from where water seeped down by trees flow directly to the water reservoir.

Aside from partnerships with DENR, Hedcor also collaborates with the communities near its reforestation sites to plant and care for the seedlings. Guimalan associates this collaboration to Hedcor’s impressive 87 percent survival rate for the seedlings they plant. To assist the communities who safe keep the reforested areas, Hedcor ensures to plant fruit-bearing trees alongside non fruit-bearing trees.

Hedcor’s efforts have since covered multiple areas in Ilocos Sur, Benguet, Davao, and Bukidnon.

As a renewable energy company, Hedcor ensures to be proactive in its environmental initiatives. Aside from reforestation efforts, Hedcor rallies for the ban of single-use plastics in the organization’s events and premises, as well as wildlife and watershed preservation in its identified areas.

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