We recognize employees as our most valuable partners.

In a highly dynamic environment such as the power industry, our team of highly motivated and competent professionals passionately works for the development of clean and renewable energy.

We are driven to lead, driven to excel, and driven to serve.

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Hedcor Job Opportunities
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We would like to be part of the future of students and help shape their young minds to better understand our company, the industry, and the benefits of clean and renewable energy.

Plant Visits

Hedcor, Inc. welcomes interested parties (students or organizations) who would want to visit any of our 22 hydropower facilities in Benguet, Ilocus Sur, Mt Province, and Davao. You may send a detailed letter of request to

Resource Speakers

We would be glad to share our experience and expertise on topics regarding civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, hydropower development, clean and renewable energy, and environmental and social development. You may send a detailed letter of request to

Hedcor Learning
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