Develop renewable energy sources

Davao City Rep. Prospero Nograles has filed a bill seeking to develop renewable energy sources to avert an oil crisis in the country. House Bill 950, entitled the Renewable and Alternative Energy Act, aims to establish a framework for the immediate development and promotion of alternative sources of energy.

“Through this measure, the use and development of alternative sources of energy like biomass, solar, wind, hydropower, geothermal, ocean energy and other emerging sources of energy which are also environment-friendly, would use new technologies that will create new jobs and lessen our dependence on imported oil,” Nograles said. “(This will) help speed up the development of renewable energy sources, increase its utilization by institutionalizing its use and grant fiscal and non-fiscal incentives to all related activities and programs for its utilization.”

The bill also seeks to encourage the exploration, development and use of clean and renewable sources of energy for sustainable development.

As proposed, a clean, renewable and alternative energy trust fund shall be established to enhance the development and use of alternative sources of energy. The fund shall be administered by the Department of Energy as a special account in any government financial institution.

It shall be used to finance the research, development, demonstration and promotion of the widespread and productive use of clean, renewable and alternative energy systems for power and non-power applications.

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