Sharron leads Hedcor’s relief operations in Itogon during Typhoon Ompong.

Empowered women in Hedcor share stories

Working closely with the communities is no easy feat; being present to cater to the needs of others is an even more challenging task. Sharron Manzano and Gina Bacoweng, Hedcor’s Community Relations Specialists, are more than up to it. For many years, they have been at the heart of Hedcor’s many social causes in advancing communities.

In 2019, Sharron and Gina spearheaded Hedcor’s P5.7-million worth of social initiatives in Luzon centered on education, health, infrastructure, livelihood and risk management. 

Nagmayat nga kapadasan nga makita iti maysa nga community nga sumayaat iti kasasaad na. Idiay ko nga nasuro nga nu adda iti dedikasyon ken nasayaat nga panggep ken panunot, sigurado nga awan iti patingga iti panagprogreso” (Working closely with the communities, it is a humbling experience to see them grow and flourish. I learned that when you bring in dedication and a winning attitude, there is no limit to your growth and that of the communities), Sharron says.

But, she recalled that out of all the experiences she’s been through, it was the most challenging when Itogon, her hometown, was devastated when Typhoon Ompong struck. Her home had not been spared, but when Hedcor conducted its Relief Operations in the area, Sharron was in the frontline--giving aid and comfort.

Gina on the other hand says that being on a mission can be physically, emotionally and mentally draining.

However, she adds “Manmano iti panggedan nga mangited iti oportunidad nga mangpabaliw ken mangpasayaat iti biag iti sabali nga tao ken mangpasayaat met lang iti kasasaad ko professionally. Naragsakak nga makita nga iti komunidad ket nasayaat ken nasalung iti kasasaad gapo iti panangtulog tayo knyada. Narigat iti umuna ngem nu makitam nga isuda ket dakkel iti ayat da nga agprogreso, naglag an iti rikna nga tumulong” (It’s rare to find a job that allows me to improve the lives of others, have fun and grow professionally. It is not easy, but the rewards are worth it -- a simple thanks from the community pays it all off. I am happy to be with the communities and witness how they thrive.).

Hedcor bears that women should be celebrated; because in Hedcor, they have important roles to perform and have contributed largely to the success Hedcor enjoys today.

Hedcor, the run-of-river hydropower arm of AboitizPower, operates 22 plants across the country with a total generating capacity of 277.36 MW of Cleanergy.

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