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Acting responsibly for our environment

Hedcor’s team members remain proactive

Our company is driven to protect, conserve and preserve our environment. We are geared towards generating power that leaves a lighter impact and does not compromise the Earth’s climate and its limited resources.

Hedcor offers Cleanergy as a solution.

Caring for our Rivers

We take measures in caring for the rivers that are the source of water needed to generate power in our plants. We carry out clean river initiatives such as clean-up drives and educational campaigns with our partners in the local communities. We do regular tests on the quality of water that enters and leaves our hydro systems to ensure better, if not the best quality of water. All our plants have a trash rack, a device that screens and collects floating garbage which is then collected and disposed in consonance with our waste management practices.

Watershed Management 

As a renewable energy company, we care for our watersheds which continuously replenish clean water in our rivers. The protection and reforestation of watersheds ensure continued supply of clean water. The local residents in the communities are the best partners in carrying out watershed management plans. We provide the communities with fruit bearing and forest trees which they plant in the watersheds. The fruits benefit the community and the watersheds are reforested.

Together with our health programs, we have developed potable water systems for some of our host barangays that need it most in Davao del Sur and Benguet. There has been a marked decrease in water-related diseases in the communities with the implementation of this project.

Responsible Carbon Emissions

Reducing our carbon emissions reduces our business costs as well. Our state of the art video-conferencing system minimizes travel to our offices in Benguet, Makati and Davao. Policies are in place to minimize the idling time of our vehicles and we conscientiously work as a team to avoid unnecessary use of vehicles and we conserve water and energy.

We are registered with the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol which allows us to convert our reduced carbon emissions into credits we could sell in the global carbon market.

How we Manage our Waste

The three bin system is practiced in our offices and plants. Solid wastes are segregated into biodegradable and residual wastes and recyclables. Biodegradables go into composting pits while residuals into the municipal land-fill. Recyclables are collected in our Materials Recovery Facility and later sold to buy-back centers. This is the practice whether the wastes are from our operations or from the garbage collected by the trash racks in all our plants.