Hedcor connects Asin Plants to NPC

Hydro Electric Development Corporation (Hedcor) connected the historic 4.3 MW Asin hydroelectric power plants to the NPC System in Baguio City last July 19, 2002.
This connection will facilitate the sale of power to Pampanga-based distributor, San Fernando Electric
Light & Power Company, Inc. (Sfelapco).
“Sfelapco will enjoy a cheaper source of power because our selling rate provides a discount to the
prevailing NPC selling rate – this will result in lower electricity prices for its consumers,” said Hedcor
Assistant CFO, Jud Salas.

The Asin hydro electric power plants are run-of-river type and generate over 20 million KWH of clean
energy annually.

The plants are owned by the City of Baguio and operated and maintained by Hedcor, an Aboitiz
company. Under the new Memorandum of Agreement, the monthly generation share of the City of
Baguio will increase from the previous 150,000 KWH to 400,000 KWH.
The Asin Grid is composed of 4 hydro plants – 3 were built by the US Army Corps of Engineers in the
late 1920s to power an electric train which they planned to bring up to Baguio City. The plans for the
railway system were interrupted by the war. The hydro plants eventually became a power source for
Baguio City.

CAPTION FOR PHOTOS: The connection of the Asin hydro electric power plants to NPC was made
possible by a new P16M substation and 2 kilometer transmission line (NPC 3T standard) which
Hedcor constructed at its own cost. It includes a state- of-the-art substation protection system and
69KV/23KV SF6 power circuit breakers with the latest technology in electronic metering systems.

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