largest developer of run-of-river hydropower in the philippines Hedcor

Hedcor continues with Kapangan info campaigns

Ma. Elena Catajan
Sun Star Reporter

KAPANGAN, Benguet – Hedcor, Inc. is continuing a massive information education campaign here.

Councilor Manny Fermin said a tehcnical team from the hydro corporation has gone back to speak to village elders and residents in preparation for the anticipated hydro project.

Hedcor is awaitign a Department of Energy nod on a request for endorsement.

Months ago Hedcor president Rene Ronquillo got the go of Mayor Canuto and the municipal council to proceed with engineering studies once the DOE endorses the project.

Fermin said Hedcor personnel have spoken to barangay officials on political boundaries last week and invited residents to sit in. “They are still very much interested in the project”, the councilor said.

The hydro company has filed with the DoE in April a request to endorse its hydro project. But the department was said to be applying the first come, first served rule.

The Kapangan Hydro was originally proposed by Cordillera Hydro Elecrtic Corp. (Coheco). The DOE first endorsed Coheco to the National Comission on Indigenous Peoples. This is the reason why the DoE can not endorse the Hedcor’s proposal for now.

In Augst, Hedcor brought a team of elders and council members to the DoE central office in Manila.

THe elders met with DoE officials to air their sentiments on previous applicants for the hydro project.

“They said the previous applicants have not submitted any report [to them on the status of their project],” Fermin said.

Elders also endorsed Hedcor to the DoE to push for the release of the needed endorsement.

Fermin said the Hedcor IEC will go on to be able to inform residents here of company plans and legal matters.

The Kapagan project is a 120MW plant.

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