Hydro firm equips IP youth for a Better Future

To attain sustainable inclusive growth, Hedcor continues its Technical Vocational Program for high school students of adopted schools located in its host communities.

Recently, after evaluating and assessing the current needs and interest of both the market place and the target beneficiaries, Hedcor turned over electrical tools and equipment to Sibulan National High School and will send the teachers to train for Consumer Electronics servicing in order to meet the expected demand of enrollees for Sibulan High’s NC II course.

Consumer Electronics servicing NC II covers repairing and cleaning cellphones, MP3 Players, laptops, desktops, videokes, electric fans, radios, irons, and the like.

This is the second year of the Tech Voc program for Sibulan High. Last year, the school received health, wellness and cosmetology equipment and also trained teachers to become equipped and reliable sources of new knowledge and skills for the incoming students.

Simultaneously, this program is an Employee Volunteerism Project, too, in which aside from the trained teachers, expert Hedcor team members and team leaders also impart their mastery of electronics to the students.

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