Hydroelectric firm keeps safety a priority

SAFETY is everybody’s business.  Within Hedcor that is more than just a saying.

Safety in operating and managing a run-of river hydropower plant is primordial. As an ISO-certified company for Occupational Health and Safety, Hedcor has a set of safety measures in place in all of its 19 plants in Benguet, Davao and Ilocos Sur.

The use of a gas detector during preventive maintenance work is a common practice. A gas detector is a device that triggers an alarm when hazardous gases found in a confined space pose a risk of explosion.

The noise level of the power plants is also monitored regularly. Hydropower generation entails that turbine noise of up to 110 db. But Hedcor makes sure that it does not exceed that level. Ear protection is always readily available and the control rooms are sound-proofed.

Fire alarm systems, including preventive and mitigating equipment, are periodically assessed and upgraded. Operating teams are drilled to prepare them for fires, earthquakes, floods and other disasters. They also regularly undergo medical emergency preparedness simulations. There are also safety procedures in place for almost every imaginable emergency like a transformer explosion, terrorist attack or bomb threat. All protective equipment and clothing are provided for plant operators and visitors.

Being ISO-certified for Occupational Health and Safety promotes a safe and healthy working environment by providing a framework that allows the hydro company to consistently identify and control their health and safety risks, reduce the possibility of accidents and improve overall performance.

With a mission to develop and operate efficient hydropower systems, any work-related accident is never acceptable to the company.

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