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Ilaw para sa Kalikasan (Light for the Environment)

ILAW PARA SA KALIKASAN: Residents of Sitio Tibolo in Sibulan, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur proudly pose for posterity during the launching of the Hedcor’s “Ilaw Para sa Kalikasan” (Light for the Environment) where the incandescent bulbs of the residents were swapped with compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs free-of-charge. Barangay Sibulan plays host to the Hedcor’s 42.5-megawatt hydropower plants along the Sibulan River.

Compared to the general service incandescent bulbs giving the same amount of visible light, CFLs use less power and have a longer rated life. But while a CFL has a higher purchase price than the incandescent bulb, savings in electricity costs is greater over the bulb’s life span.

Also shown in the photo are Hedcor, Inc.’s Enviromental Initiative Officer Junessa Guinalan and Hedcor Sibulan, Inc.’s Athena Jo Avila (Environmental Compliance and Pollution Control Officer) Ruel Idong (Liason Assistant) and Ronald Tabunares (Agro-Forester).

The “Ilaw Para Sa Kalikasan” was held last March 27 when the annual “Earth Hour” was also held in the evening.

Hedcor also participates in the other environmental consciousness activities such as the World Water Day (March 22), the Philippine Water Week (March 23 to 27), Philippine Earth Day (April 22), the World Environment Day (June 5), the Recycling Month (July), the Forest Ecosystem Month (August), the International Coastal Clean-Up Weekend (Sept. 15), the Agriculture Month (October), the Philippine Clean Air Month (November) and the Biodiversity Month (December). *sly l. quintos

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