Kayapa residents benefit from hydro

Benguet. Local members of Barangay Kayapa are busy planting their crops in preparation for their first harvest season around the second quarter of the year.

The harvest months of rice paddies around the barangay are maximized thanks to the existence of farm-to-market roads contributed by AboitizPower subsidiary Luzon Hydro Corporation.

During the early nineties, harvested crops in Kayapa had to be transported by foot most of the way because of the lack of roads limiting vehicle access. Apart from that, the water source used by Kayapa farmers would entail a trek of up to 4 kilometers.

With the commissioning of the 70MW run-of-river hydropower plant in the early 2000s, LHC brought with them the construction of new access roads for the development of the barangay.

“The roads help as because now we can get our products to the marketplace at a much quicker time” voiced a local barangay official.

Today over 8 kilometers of new roads have been built around LHC’S host communities.

Apart from the access roads, members from the barangay have also benefited from Corporate Social Responsibility projects initiated around environmental, health and livelihood. Hoses and pipes are donated in coordination with local government units in an effort to give farmers easier access to water for irrigation.

The 70 MW Bakun AC hydropower plant operates using a run-of-river scheme. A portion of river water is diverted through a weir and is fed downhill to the power station to generate electricity with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

LHC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AboitizPower, owning and operating the 70MW Bakun Ac hydropower plant in Alilem, Ilocos Sur and Bakun Benguet under the management of its sister company, Hedcor, Inc.

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