Potable water system expected soon in Tudaya area

Davao City (12 February) — A potable water system is the most urgent need of the people in barangay Tudaya where the P5 billion hydropower plant of Hedcor Philippines, Inc. will soon operate.

Hedcor’s President Rene Ronquillo said the water system costs about P56 million and the project is already undergoing construction.

He said this will greatly benefit the people as they are not currently been served with steady water supply.

“This is part of our corporate social responsibility and we see to it that basic concern of the people in the community is being looked at,” he said.

He also said that their other CSR projects are construction of school buildings for continuing education of the children and health services through regular medical mission.

“We see to it that the members of the community are our partners and they are the once that could best support the projects,” he said.

The Hedcor project in Sibulan town had been receiving protest from some quarters and Ronquillo said that most of those that went into protest were not from the area but from Bukidnon and from other areas.

Earlier two protests were held of the entry of Hedcor in Sibulan, Sta. Cruz town for lack of consultation among the people. The protests were held in the cities of Davao and Digos.

But Ronquillo said that not at this been able to know who these groups are even as he said that their protest once it grows could be a potential threat in the future.

“I don’t think the community would allow them at the site if it doesn’t bring them benefit,” he said.

He also said that their implementation of the project only commence when the permits were issued by the concerned government agencies.

Mayor Joel Ray Lopez meanwhile said that they had been trying to reach to these groups to talk to them and address their concern. But up to this time the group has not been identified and the group’s protests were not done in Sta. Cruz town.

The NCIP on the other hand said no complaint so far was lodged with their office with regards the entry of Hedcor at barangay Tudaya, an ancestral domain area under the municipality of Sta. Cruz. (PIA)

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