Propagating the National Tree

The Narra tree, Philippine’s National Tree is one of the symbolic identity of strength among Filipinos. Its prized timber is one of the sought after material for wood products. However, grand as the tree may be, it is classified as “vulnerable” by the International Union for the conservation of Nature and Natural Resources.

Responsive to this, Hedcor, as one of the developers of renewable power facilities in the country, joins the mission to raise awareness and move people to restore the grandeur of the environment.

Maintaining a healthy watershed where it operates, Hedcor Group embarks on reforestation activities. Sustainable propagation of endemic trees such as Narra, has been a progressive journey of the renewable company.

To date, Hedcor planted about 404,619 Narra trees in Benguet, Ilocos Sur and Davao.

Narra is highly recommended for reforestation. Thus, the specie was chosen to complete the pledge of reforesting a 1000-hectare within the protected areas of Mt. Apo Natural Park. The pledge is under the Aboitiz Passion for Agroforest and Reforestattion to Keep (APARK).

APARK aims to plant three million trees by 2015. Starting 2010, indigenous tree species are planted across the country to enhance biodiversity. Just this July, the pledge of three million trees was accomplished.

Aside from being easy to mass produce, Narra trees are deciduous type of species, meaning it sheds off or drops its leaves at least twice a year making it helpful in bringing back the soil fertility.  Narra under the forest tree classification is a premium tree species which propagation is encouraged and its cutting is strictly regulated.

Philippines is known for its rich biodiversity. In fact, the Philippines has more than 3,600 species of trees. Narra was declared the National Tree of the Philippines in 1934.

Narra is mostly found in Southeast Asia, New Guinea and South Pacific Islands. It grows 40meters tall with a diameter of 80 centimeters or more.

For this year, Hedcor group targets to plant 189,000 trees of different species both in Luzon and Mindanao. As of now the target is already 50% accomplished.

GROWING THE NATIONAL TREE. Hedcor grows Narra seedlings in its several nurseries to supply its several tree planting activities. Narra is mostly planted in Davao and Ilocos Sur because of the humid weather. Benguet mainly engages in planting pine trees.

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