School kids become environmental stewards

Grade 6 pupils of Amilongan Elementary School advocated environmental preservation by participating in a river clean-up drive organized by Luzon Hydro in Alilem, Ilocos Sur.

The youth has an important role in shaping the future and instilling the mindset of environmental stewardship at an early age ensured the future of the community.  With the help of the community members and Luzon Hydro employees, the youth were guided and oriented on the river clean up activity.

Approximately, 3 kilometers of tributaries of Amilongan Creek were cleaned resulting in the collection of 35 kilograms of waste.

The river clean-up drive is in support to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Adopt-an-Estero Program. The program aims to secure collaboration among communities along esteros or creeks and rivers to achieve a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.

Most studies point to the fact that domestic wastewater is the principal cause of organic pollution (at 48%) of our water bodies. Thirty-one percent (31%) of all illnesses in the country are attributed to polluted waters.

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